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Ramakanth Associates is the leading Criminal Lawyers law firm in Hyderabad, India are specialized for Criminal Cases related to MURDER, RAPE, FORGERY, THEFT,DACOITY & KIDNAPPING. Our criminal defense lawyers are among the top for Criminal cases and deal with the Criminal issues . The law that deals with conduct considered as harmful to society as a whole.It regulates social conduct and proscribes whatever is threatening, harmful, or otherwise endangering to the Life property, health, safety, and moral welfare of people. It includes the punishment of people who violate these laws. We assist our clients at every level of trial as a defense counsel.

A set of legal rules which are used to impose punishment as a result of failure to comply with the law. That every person guilty of an offence shall be liable for punishment. Different punishments have been laid down for different offences. The offenses are cognizable, non-cognizable offences and the procedure of appeal from lower courts to the higher courts right up to the Supreme Court.

When any person wanted to file a Criminal case against a person, who committed crime against an individual, society, government, shall approaches police station or to a lawyer/attorney for registering the a Criminal case to investigate, prosecute and punish the culprit.

When a person or persons charged with a Crime, the said person accused of Crime, contact an Advocate/Attorney to defend his case before the court and to prove his innocence.

Ramakanth Associates lawyers are specialized for Criminal litigation and represent in numerous courts of India. Our lawyers are among the top for Criminal cases and deal with the Criminal issues such as Banking frauds, Intellectual Property frauds, violation of cyber laws and all Criminal offenses, We are the leading Criminal lawyers in India and Criminal lawyers in Hyderabad. consult to our associates for to solve all your legal issues

Contact us today if you need any legal assistance or advice, matters relating to any Crime.
  • Registering of Crime
  • ForAnticipatory bail
  • For obtaining Bail
  • Quashing of Fir.
  • Quashing of Criminal cases
  • For prosecuting and defending of the Criminal cases for all crimes
  • For defending Anticorruption cases
  • For defending CBI cases
  • For defending Economic offences etc.
  • For prosecuting and defending of the Criminal case with regards to dishonor of Cheques and for other Crime.

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