We are the leading property lawyers in India and property lawyers in Hyderabad ,we deal with all kind of property issues.Like real estate issues etc.. We provide legal advice on property dispute Property comprised of land and the buildings, Land including non agricultural lands, Agricultural lands, livestock, water and minerals. Residential Property/ Real Estate include undeveloped land, houses, condominiums and townhomes, a Commercial property/Real Estate includes office buildings, warehouses and retail store buildings, and industrial property/Real Estate are factories, mines and farms.

Real Estate litigation involves disputes between parties regarding the ownership, tenancy and dispossession from the property. These disputes involve with regard to properties which are owned jointly by several parties or situations where parties have inherited property from a single owner.

The civil litigation will not end. it can solve though settlements, by way compromise between parties or through court of law. Our Firm primarily tries to settle the dispute and difference between the parties amicably.

If the parties not settled or compromised among themselves, our Firm will approach the court of law on behalf of the party. Apart from the private party/individual disputes, the dispute also arises with Government, Wakf Board and Endowments etc.

Ramakanth Associates provides comprehensive services in all aspect of Property and Real Estate transactions including advising and drafting deeds and reports on title, purchase, sale, leasing, tenancy, licensing, construction, development and mortgage. We have long experience in litigation related to Property disputes including under Transfer of Property Act, Land Acquisition Act.


  • Ownership
  • Dispossession
  • Landlord and Tenancy
  • Eviction
  • Partition among the joint family property
  • Mortgage
  • Owner ship by Will
  • Easements
  • Acquisitions
  • Power of Attorney
  • General power of Attorney
  • Development cum General power of attorney

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  • Government Disputes
  • Ownership dispute
  • Protected tenancy dispute
  • Boundary dispute
  • Demarcation and identification of land
  • Partition among the joint family property
  • Ownership by Will
  • Pattedars Pass books
  • Title deeds
  • Land Grabbing
  • Land Encroachment
  • Assignment
  • Agricultural Ceiling
  • Urban Land Ceiling & Regulation Laws etc

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  • Ownership dispute
  • Tenancy dispute
  • Dispossession
  • Eviction
  • Mortgage dispute
  • Development of property/land dispute
  • Breach of Real Estate purchase agreements
  • Real Estate broker liability
  • Landlord-tenant disputes
  • Banking, mortgage and lender liability claims

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Wakf Law provides for creation, formation, administration of all Wakfs created under Mohammedan Law and also for governing Management and maintenance of the properties created as Wakf.

We have got eminent team of lawyers to handle the matters disputes and cases related to Wakf and the properties belonging to Wakf.

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Endowment Laws provide for management governing and maintenance of Hindu Religious Institutions and properties belonging to such institution as per the Endowment Laws, which provides for regulation of the Endowments and for enforcement of the rights of the Individuals of particular community, redressed by the various forums.

We have got eminent team of lawyers to handle the matters disputes and cases related to Wakf and Endowments and the properties covered by Wakf and Endowment.

  • Administration and management Disputes
  • Appointment of Archaka
  • Removal of Archaka
  • Declaration Disputes.
  • Trustee disputes
  • Ownership dispute
  • Tenancy dispute
  • Dispossession
  • Eviction.

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